Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teri B. Clark's Book on Home Staging Awarded "First Runner Up" in the Eric Hoffman Book Awards 2008

Teri B. Clark's Book on Home Staging Awarded "First Runner Up" in the Eric Hoffman Book Awards 2008.

301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than You Thought by Teri B Clark is a First Runner Up in the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award.

“We are very excited about using our international award program to honor the memory one of America’s greatest freethinkers,” said Christopher Klim, the managing editor of Best New Writing, which publishes the results of the Eric Hoffer Award for books and
prose. “This year’s Hoffer winners bring us to a new height.”

The Eric Hoffer Award for short prose and books was established at the start of the 21st century as a means of opening a door to writing of significant merit. It honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing.

The Hoffer Award exists as a platform to honor independent books of exceptional merit. Since its inception as the Writers' Notes Award, the Hoffer Award has grown in prominence each year. Multiple books in many categories and various press types are given prizes, "Hoffer" honors, and worldwide media exposure.

Category distinctions were awarded on three levels in descending order: Winner, First Runner-Up, and Notables. The Eric Hoffer Book Award grants a $1,500 annual grand prize and separate distinctions for the best academic, small, and micro press, the best self-published book, and various winners in 14 categories that cover the entire publishing spectrum. Also, the Montaigne Medal is awarded to the most though-provoking books.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Look What Professionals Are Saying About The Redesign Business Book Coming Out!

How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Redesign, Redecorating and Home Staging Business goes beyond just starting a business. It shows you exactly what works for the design field, and how anyone can incorporate these steps into their business and be a success. Let's look at what the experts have to say:

"This book is an absolute necessity if you want to succeed in your design business! The practical tips, information and wisdom packed into these pages will save you
years of hard work, take the guesswork out of knowing what to do and will help
you dramatically shortcut your way to success."

- Kendall SummerHawk, Award Winning Author of Brilliance Unbridled and Leading Small Business Marketing Coach

“So you know you can decorate - but do you know how to make money while providing the service? This book will help ensure your business success while you follow your decorating passion.”

JoAnne Lenart-Weary
Founder, One Day Decorating and The Society for Design Professionals

"Thorough, focused and very comprehensive. 'Mary's Trade Tips' are like little bits of gold - valuable information with a fresh perspective."

Susan Kostelecky
Award Winning Designer
Founder of The Custom Sewing Institute

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home Staging Book Is a Finalist!


301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home Now and For More Money Than You Thought was a finalist in the Home: Decorating/Interior Design category., the premiere online magazine and review website for mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced the winners and finalists of THE NATIONAL BEST BOOKS 2007 AWARDS (BBA) on November 1, 2007. Over 500 winners and finalists were announced in over 140 categories covering print, audio books & courses, e-books and interactive CD-ROMs. Awards were presented for titles published in 2007 and late 2006.

Jeffrey Keen, President and CEO of, said this year's contest yielded an unprecedented number of entries, which were then narrowed down to over 500 winners and finalists.

Keen says of the awards, now in their fourth year, "The 2007 results represent a phenomenal mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the United States. As an executive in the publishing PR and marketing industry and president and CEO of JPX Media, I wanted to create an awards competition that recognized books in their publication year rather than months after the original launch window. " is an online publication providing coverage for books from mainstream and independent publishers to the world online community. USABN Magazine Online is the monthly electronic magazine e-mailed free to a large cross-section of the book buying public. JPX Media, in Los Angeles, California, is the parent company of

A complete list of the winners and finalists of the National �Best Books� 2007 Awards are available online at

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Book Due Out Any Day!

How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Redesign, Redecorating, & Home Staging Business—With Companion CD-ROM

Are you planning to become part of this redesign or real estate staging network? During this time of phenomenal growth, these businesses may be worth your investigation. If you can answer yes to the following questions, then the redesign or home staging business may be just right for you. • Do you love decorating your home? • Are you addicted to home decorating shows and magazines? • Do you know exactly what someone should do to sell their home fast? • Are you constantly moving your furniture around? • Do you find yourself decorating for your friends and family for free? • Do you have a flair for decorating? Keep in mind, however, that Redesign and Real Estate Staging are more than just having the talent and skills to do the job. The business of the business is the part that can be tricky. Readers of this book will fall into one of the following categories: • Those With a Second Career: You already have a successful career and are looking for something new. In fact, the design field may be totally unrelated to anything you have ever done before • Those Wishing To Be Their Own Boss: You want to have more control over your day and how it goes. Being your own boss allows you to be flexible. • Those That Are Business Beginners: You have started your own business, and are finding that the small business tools that are available just do not apply to the design industry. • Those That Want To Grow Their Design Business: You already are fully engaged in your own design business and need sound marketing principles to grow your business further. • Those That Are Curious: You just want to know what the design industry is all about and find out if you can develop your passion into a thriving business. No matter which description fits you, this book will be instrumental in your success of the business side of redesigning and home staging. In these chapters, you will learn whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur, what to offer as a redesigner, redecorator, and real estate stager, what to charge for your services, how to create both a simple and formal business plan, how to set up your home office, the legalities of owning a business, how to market, how to give a presentation, the day to day workings of your job, and professional design techniques. You will read expert examples and business blunders. You will receive tips, scripts, and templates. After you are finished with this book, you will be ready to start your own redesign, redecorate, and real estate staging business. More importantly, you will be ready to succeed.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Try Your Hand at Writing

Writing press releases can make a big difference in your business. They can be formal releases or even just a short blurb to put into the local business section of your hometown paper. Here are two examples:

Formal kind:


Teri B. Clark has written 301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than You Thought. This book's hints and tips from professionals is sure to help anyone sell their home!

Numerous studies show that a house that is well polished on the surface and staged properly will appeal to more buyers, sell faster, and most importantly for more money. You may not be able to improve the market value of your house, but you can improve its marketability. Remember: first impressions count the most.

In this groundbreaking new book you will learn how small color changes will increase your home’s value, minor repairs and de-cluttering tricks, how to rearrange your furniture and art work, decorating tips and ideas, how to look at your house from the buyer's viewpoint, how to add minor accessories, which items stay and what must go, which minor changes will bring you the greatest return, how to bring out a home's best features, table settings, candles, what photos must go and which ones stay, how to minimize problem areas, how to position your house for the marketplace, what music to play, what scents to spray, how to use design psychology techniques, lighting techniques, landscaping secrets, what to do with garages, basements and attics, what color you should never use, how to ensure a positive traffic flow through rooms, how to use mirrors and natural light, and much more.

This brand new exhaustively researched book is the ultimate resource for novices and pros alike; it will guide you through every step of the process with hundreds of innovative ideas that you can put to use right away. This book gives you the proven strategies and innovative ideas used by the expert’s everyday that you can easily do your self.

This book, written by Teri B. Clark will be out by mid March. You can purchase this book by going to or learn more about the author at

Price: $24.95

ISBN 10: 0-910627-06-1

ISBN 13: 978-0-910627-06-1

Informal kind:

Apex-based designer Mary Larsen, who was recently featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, will be offering advice on Spring accessorizing at Stein Mart in Cary. Three sessions, entitled “9 Minutes with Mary,” are scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, at 11:45 a.m., 12:15 p.m. and 12:45 p.m. at 240 Crossroads Blvd. in Cary.

To find home staging tips, go to Home Staging by Teri B. Clark or buy 301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than You Thought.

To learn how to become a home redesigner, buy How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Redesign, Redecorating and Home Staging Business