Friday, March 16, 2007

Welcome to ReDesign and Home Stager!

In the coming months, you will find great tips on the following:

1. General small business practices
2. Small business practices aimed at redesign and/or home staging
3. Marketing ideas for redesign and/or home staging
4. Redesign tips
5. Home staging tips

You can begin the process of understanding home staging by purchasing 301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than You Thought.

You can also head on over to Mary Larsen's site. She is a leader in ReDesign, as well as small business practices.

Mary and I are currently writing a book for those who wish to get into redesign that will be published by Atlantic Publishing sometime in the Fall of 2007.

Thanks for joining here and good luck on all your redesign and home staging endeavors!