Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Consumers Will Ask About You When You Are a Home Stager

1. The stager knows the market. They know what the buyers in YOUR area want and expect. They stage your home accordingly.

2. If you are asking for more than a consultation (the stager will actually be doing the work in your home), you should be able to see before and after photos. These can be shown by the stager via the Internet or a brochure.

3. Like with many service providers, a great way to find out about a home stager’s experience and expertise is to ask around! If they are good, you will find others that tell you so. A good place to start is with real estate agents in your area.

4. Price does not equal experience and expertise. Once again, be sure that you see photos and ask around. New stagers may be a bit cheaper and have great expertise. Experienced stagers may be more expensive but have less expertise!

Be sure you can answer these questions!

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